NICEIC Domestic Gas Safety On Site Guide - 2020 (Parts 1 & 2)

NICEIC Domestic Gas Safety On Site Guide - 2020 (Parts 1 & 2)

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Publication Details

Edition: 9th Edition (2020)

Details: 2 Volumes - Spiral Bound.

Publication date: 26/01/2021

Publisher: NICEIC

ISBN: 9781838630072

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

Updated for 2020, the aim of this Domestic Gas On Site Guide is to provide information and guidance in the work place on core safety issues and includes central heating, cookers, fires, meters, warm air and water heating appliances. It will also prove to be valuable aid for installers preparing to undertake ACS assessments.

As gas engineers, we've all found ourselves at one time or another looking for answers to questions like ... "where did I read that last" or "is it distance 'X' or was it 'Y' from that obstruction" and when you are out on the job, having quick access to the required information is as important as having the right tool to hand.

NICEIC Certification, as a leading certification body accredited by UKAS, has your back with its 2-part Domestic Gas Safety On Site Guide, written and regularly updated by time-served gas engineers.

Part 1 will provide detailed guidance on gas matters relating to:

❍ Legislation - the regulations that we must work to in order to maintain safety and how they interact with one another.
❍ Combustion - from technical fundamentals through to measuring the combustion process.
❍ Flueing & ventilation - flueing & ventilation types and their configurations through to routing and termination/communication
❍ Gas pipework - from materials used through to routing, jointing, protection and sizing.
❍ Tightness testing & direct purging - the procedures for testing and commissioning new and existing gas pipework....and much more besides.

Part 2 builds on the foundations of Part 1 and covers the requirements of different appliance types typically found in the domestic sector.

Other guides from the Gas Safety On Site Guide Series, i.e. non-domestic (Parts 1 & 2) and LPG are available HERE
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