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Fire Door & Final Exit Door Log Book

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Brand / PublisherSYAM

Syam’s Fire Door & Final Exit Door Log Book has been compiled to provide an off-the-shelf solution for building owners and operators as part of the fire safety management of their premises.  It is intended as a comprehensive management tool to record the inspection of all fire doors, final exit doors (fire exit doors and other doors that can be used to leave the building), and any equipment installed to control the doors.

These Fire Door Log Books conform to the stated inspection requirements of The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022: Fire Doors (regulation 10).


DLB/20D Fire Door & Final Exit Door Log Book for up to 20 single or double door sets.

Typical applications: HMOs, small apartment blocks, pubs, fast-food outlets, guesthouses, community halls, doctor’s and dental surgeries, retail shops.


DLB/80D Fire Door & Final Exit Door Log Book for up to 80 single or double door sets.

Typical applications: Apartment blocks, hotels, care homes, university buildings, office blocks, leisure facilities, health centres, hospitals.


Both the Fire Door and Final Exit Door is a critical component in providing a safe environment for people.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places responsibility for inspecting and maintaining every aspect of fire safety in a building with that building’s owner or operator and this also applies to fire doors and final exit doors.

This is very important with fire doors and final exit doors as, by their nature, most will be in regular use and, in some buildings or areas within a building, they may be subjected to heavy traffic making them susceptible to wear-and-tear or even damage.  Relying on faults to be reported is not a satisfactory way to ensure that these critical pieces of fire safety equipment are kept in good order.

Syam’s Fire Door & Final Exit Door Log Book uniquely brings together an inspection and maintenance record for all of the doors in a building that play a role in the building’s overall fire safety in a single document and, for the fire doorways, also includes the inspection of any solid or glazed fire screens above and/or beside the door.

It also addresses the electrical and mechanical devices that are commonly used in buildings to control doors.  For example, fire doors can be held open by devices that release the door when a fire is detected by the fire alarm system, and final exit doors might be locked with maglocks which may be interfaced with the fire alarm or local release devices provided such as green manual call points or push buttons.  And it is not uncommon to see motorised doors in some buildings.  All of these systems need to be inspected and tested regularly and Syam’s Fire Door & Final Exit Door Log Book enables these systems to be detailed for each door so that the person carrying out the inspection is equipped with sufficient information to inspect this aspect of the door too.

Each book contains:

Aide memoire graphic to inside of front cover to aid persons carrying out inspections

An introduction to the inspection of doors and how to use the book

Fire Alarm Test Door Check.  Record to check that fire doors have closed when the fire alarm was tested (where fire doors are held open by devices intended to release them when the fire alarm sounds).  If checked weekly this record will last 5 years, if checked monthly it will last 20 years.

Door Register.  Easy-to-fill-out details for every door with tick-boxes for all common styles and performance criteria including any fire screens adjacent to fire doorways.

Door Inspection Record.  For each door this section records the date of the inspection and who carried it out.  For doors inspected monthly this record will last for 5 years, if doors are inspected quarterly, each record will last for 15 years.

Fault & Defects Section.  In this section any fault or defect can be reported and then the details of any further inspection of the fault, or it’s repair, can be detailed together with who carried this out.

By bringing all aspects of inspection & maintenance together in one book, and by providing options for all of the common variations, this book greatly simplifies the task of managing this critical aspect of a building’s fire safety.

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