TSI Luckins HVAC & Plumbing Installation Times Guide

TSI Luckins HVAC & Plumbing Installation Times Guide

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Details: Paperback.

Publisher: Trade Service Information Ltd

ISBN: 9780591298535

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TSI Luckins HVAC & Plumbing Installation Times Guide lists suggested man hour installation times for almost every heating and plumbing product. Created for busy engineers and contractors they are the essential reference books when compiling estimates and quotations.
With increased competition to win jobs, contractors are not only having to produce more estimates in less time, but are having to broaden their range of activities to include work in new or specialist fields. Mistakes in estimating labour times can cost you the job, or your profit when the job’s done. The electrical and mechanical Installation Times Guides are an invaluable second opinion when you’re unsure how much to allow for labour. Drawing on the knowledge of estimators with many years experience, these handy A5 guides show the estimated man hours required to install thousands of mechanical services products. The installation times guides are an ideal companion to the Luckins Price Books or software packages as they are small enough to be taken on site when needed. Installation times are shown in man hours with suggested percentage adjustments for site factors. A range of times is shown where products can be installed in a number of different ways.
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