Guide To The Building Regulations 3rd Edition

Guide To The Building Regulations 3rd Edition

By: Huw M A Evans

Edition: 3rd

Details: Paperback, 448 pages.

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Publication date: 09/11/2015

Publisher: NBS

ISBN: 9781859466179

Publication Status: Active


All new buildings, extensions and refurbishment work must comply with Building Regulations in order to protect the health and safety of building occupants. In recent years the regulations have become increasingly complex, making the process of demonstrating compliance more arduous.

This well-established guide provides the construction industry with concise, clear guidance on the essentials of the Building Regulations, setting out the key compliance requirements to help designers and other construction professionals produce safe, attractive buildings.

- The third edition has been fully revised and updated to incorporate the 2015 amendments to the Building Regulations, including: The introduction of optional requirements in Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations, which will apply only if they are made a condition of planning consent.

- An optional higher standard of water efficiency for Requirement G2 (Water efficiency), which may be required as a planning condition.