PAT Testing Log Book & Appliance Record

PAT Testing Log Book & Appliance Record (PAT/LB100)

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Publication Details

Details: Paperback.

Publication date: 30/03/2010

Publisher: Syam

ISBN: 9999000000016

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

This log book is for recording the ‘in-service’ testing of electrical appliances, commonly referred to as PAT (portable appliance testing) at a premises.

This log book is suitable for recording the results of testing whether using manual meters, go/no-go meters or electronic systems.

The details of up to 102 appliances can be entered into the book to create a register of those appliances that require regular inspection and testing. This should be sufficient for most organisations but very large premises may require more than one book.

For each appliance there is a table that enables the test results of 5 Formal Visual and 5 Inspection & Test to be detailed. There is also a section on each page to detail any repairs necessary during testing.

There are separate sections in which the details of the persons carrying out any tests can be entered together with sections detailing equipment suppliers and specialist companies servicing particular items of equipment.

A WEEE Disposals Record is included so that when discarding electrical and electronic equipment at the end of the working life, you can demonstrate that this was done in accordance with the WEEE Directive and that the items were sent for recycling.

What is this?

A log book for a premises in which the results of the testing and inspection of electrical and electronic equipment can be recorded together with details of who carried out the testing. There are also useful sections to record contact details for specialist suppliers and repair companies, sections on each page to record any repairs carried out during the testing and even a record for disposals so that you can demonstrate compliance with the WEEE Directive.

Why is this important?

The Electricity at Work Regulations require the ‘Duty Holder’ (responsible manager or owner) to keep adequate records to prove that they are keeping electricity safe in the work place. Currently, most PAT test results are provided as forms or print-outs that are easily lost or damaged. Syam’s PAT Log Book retains test records spanning several years within a tough, plastic laminated cover.

How long will the book last?

For up to 102 appliances then for annual inspection and test it will last 5 years, for bi-annual inspect and test then it will last for ten years. If there are only 50 appliances or less then the book will last twice as long.
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