NICEIC Snags and Solutions 1: Earthing & Bonding | 18th Edition

NICEIC Snags and Solutions 1: Earthing & Bonding | 18th Edition

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Publication Details

Details: A5 Spiral Bound.

Publication date: 01/03/2019

Publisher: NICEIC

ISBN: 9781906091972

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

Snags and Solutions Part 1 (Earthing and Bonding) is one of NICEIC’s and ELECSA’s most requested problem-solving guides, featuring 45 commonly encountered earthing and bonding dilemmas.

This handy pocket-sized book explains many of the common misconceptions about earthing and bonding. Snag 1 explains the difference between earthing and bonding, and snag 2 elaborates on the standard types of earthing arrangements for electrical systems. Snags 3-45 throw light on many earthing and bonding predicaments.

Every snag and corresponding solution is clearly illustrated and where appropriate, contains references to the relevant standard.

This new volume is fully updated to reflect the requirements of BS 7671: 2018:

(IET Wiring Regulations 18th edition).

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